San Vito Vacation srl Ville case e appartamenti in affitto a San Vito lo Capo a

26th Edition- 2018

We all know for some time that the Carnival of Venice, Viareggio, Putignano, but also the Carnival of Acireale and Ivrea have a reputation that goes beyond national boundaries and are a destination for tourists coming from both Italy and abroad. We citizens of the province of Trapani also know we can not stand comparison with these giants of entertainment, but that does not bring us down! For the 26th consecutive year from 8 to 13 February 2018, the Carnival of Valderice returns. Six days of pure fun with masks, playful elements, jokes, confetti and much more. Everything will start with a large opening parade with a dance group, and then continue with parades of allegorical floats, tasting of typical products of the tradition and dancing. Do not miss this event along the central streets of Valderice!

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