San Vito Vacation srl Ville case e appartamenti in affitto a San Vito lo Capo a

This year the 10th International Kite Festival will take place in the wonderful beach of San Vito Lo Capo from 23 to 27 May 2018 - Sun, wind, sea and kite shows. An event dedicated to this ancient sporting and recreational object present in different forms: kites built with leaves and rice paper, with drawings that evoke flora and fauna, many and with colorful colors.

Rich program with suggestive shows such as pyrotechnic kites that, floating in the night sky, will give life to a play of lights similar to that created by fireworks. And again, a competition of acrobatic kites that will choreograph the notes of musical pieces chosen by the participants of the event.

On the northwest coast of Sicily, lying and enclosed in the bay between the Zingaro nature reserves to the west and Monte Cofano to the east, stands San Vito Lo Capo - City of Cous Cous, a dish of peace and symbol of integration between peoples and cultures different. Far from Trapani about 39 kilometers (100 from Palermo), 6 meters above sea level, San Vito Lo Capo includes the hamlets of Macari and Castelluzzo.

Village of maritime tradition, it developed around the ancient Saracen fortress, later transformed into a sanctuary dedicated to San Vito, today the main activity is tourism. Its climate, the beach, the sea, the streets decorated with flowers, fresh fish, intense aromas and its landscapes offer tourists the opportunity for an unforgettable holiday. Of particular interest are: the Torrazzo, the Sanctuary and the small temple of Santa Crescenza, all in the Arab-Norman style. Between San Vito Lo Capo and Castellammare del Golfo the hilly slopes that slope down to the sea, in a myriad of small bays, announce the beginning of the Zingaro Nature Reserve.

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